My child just got diagnosed with what?
Since I don't want others to feel that same helpless feeling I felt after my sons epilepsy diagnosis I have now made it my mission to help other parents whose children have just been diagnosed in my free Facebook group here.

I needed both emotional support for myself and practical tips and strategies to support my son so that's what you will find in there. 

As a little taster of what you can find over there here are a few important steps to take just after your child has been diagnosed:

1. Get in touch with your epilepsy nurse - be proactive and keep pushing to get the support you need (YOU are your child's biggest and best advocate!)

2. Learn seizure first aid and get your family and friends to learn it too! (In my group you will find useful website links to learn seizure first aid and find support from charities such as Young Epilepsy, Epilepsy Research UK and Epilepsy Action.

3. Chat to those who take care of your child (school teachers, family friends) about your child's seizures and side effects of medication etc and write out a care plan to ensure you feel confident they are informed and can take care of your child. (I have copies of excellent editable care plans in my Facebook group that you can fill in and print off)

Hopefully those simple steps give some guidance in the turbulent and emotional time you may find yourself in right now and I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you over in the Facebook group 'Families of children with epilepsy: Help and hope for daily life'.


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