3 steps to calm big emotions

3 steps to calm big emotions
Are you tired of the constant battle of trying to deal with your child's big emotions?

Are you wanting to bring more calm into your home?

We've all been there!

I've spent time trialling different strategies with my children and have found 3 steps that work! (Now don't get me wrong...I am definitely not the perfect parent and I definitely still lose my patience and some days these steps totally go out the window but hey...we are all human!)

My son particularly struggled with expressing his emotions and after he got diagnosed with epilepsy the emotions in our household were at an all time high and I felt pretty helpless! 

So I decided to make it my mission to effectively support not only him but other children and parents too.

From this struggle A Box Full of Joy was born - a box of practical strategies to bring more joy and calm into the family home and I'm so excited to share that it is launch on 16th August!! (Click here to join our exclusive pre-launch group or follow us on Instagram to find out more)

Now you may be wondering, Nicole, what are these 3 steps you talk about in the title!? 

Well here are the steps I've found really helpful:

Step 1: Acknowledge their feelings (instead of dismissing them...e.g. I understand you are feeling frustrated...)

Step 2: Take time to breathe (both you and your child!!)

Step 3: Connect through a fun activity together (e.g. some colouring or dancing are things we like to do as a family!)

I want to explain them fully to you so I've created a FREE PDF guide for you which will show you how that you can grab here along with two printable worksheets. 

I would love to hear how you get on with the steps so drop a comment below when you've read it!

Everything can change in a moment...

Everything can change in a moment...
There he was, our little boy, lying unresponsive on the bathroom floor. Colour drained from his face, eyes vacant… a parent’s worst nightmare.

THAT was the moment.

THAT moment will be etched into my brain forever and yet it was an otherwise, ordinary moment. A bath with his sister.

THAT moment was not meant to end up THIS way.

THAT moment was the start of all the interruptions since.  

Our ordinary lives now touched by the OUT of the ordinary and no day will ever return to an  ‘everyday’ as our life had been.

It's been a year today since THAT moment and so much has happened. Unfortunately he still does not have seizure control and trialling different treatment options every few months means a variety of side effects have come his way BUT our resilient little boy has done SO well.

One year on is a poignant day and one with a lot of emotion but also one with a lot of joy. 

One year on I am starting the prelaunch for a business that has come from turning the pain of the last year into a new purpose. A purpose to help my son and other children who struggle with big emotions, a purpose to help overwhelmed parents and a purpose to be the change I want to see in the world. 

If you want to be part of that change, the change that sees our children as a whole person, more than just the results they achieve. If you want to look after the mental wellbeing of our children then I would love you to follow along here and here and grab my freebie here.

A Box Full of Joy for children is just the beginning, there will be online courses, there will be boxes for adults and teens. Let's look out for each other and show kindness and compassion always.