Sometimes our children struggle to communicate how they are feeling .
As parents we want to support our children to express their emotions and build their confidence.
Sometimes we feel helpless.

I can help you feel more hopeful and equipped with strategies and resources to build confidence and resilience in your children – resulting in a calmer and happier home.

I’m Nicole, a mum of two and an experienced teacher. Since my son was diagnosed with epilepsy, I’ve searched for ways to help him to cope with his emotions and am passionate about helping other children too. When our children are happier, we are happier too.

About me

I’ve created ‘A Box Full of Joy’ – a letterbox gift for children who struggle with big emotions and filled with simple activities that will help to increase their sense of worth, communication and confidence. 
It’s ideal for sensitive or anxious children, children who are autistic and those with conditions such as epilepsy and ADHD, . It will help them to:

Grow their sense of self-worth
Own their own emotions
Feel a sense of achievement
Experience joy and calm

What children are saying about A Box Full of Joy...

Add £5 to your order to donate a box from you to a child in hospital or in a domestic abuse refuge. Imagine the joy on their faces when they receive an unexpected gift. Together we can be the change we want to see in the world!

10% of the profits from a box full of joy will be donated to Epilepsy Research UK, a charity close to my heart. Find out more here about why and if your child has epilepsy then I would love to welcome you into our supportive online community.

Little changes can create ripples and the ripples can spread to create more changes, then little by little, together, we can change the world.

Let's move from feeling helpless to feeling hopeful and let's do it together!