My child has what?
A Course for parents to help support your children through the exam years
Empower yourself as a parent with our course 'My Child Has Exams...Now What?' 
Explore the intricacies of your child's nervous system, master the art of setting healthy boundaries, create a calm and focused learning environment, reframe negative thoughts, and enhance communication in the home. Plus, discover invaluable strategies to help your child effectively manage stress during the crucial exam years. 
Only £9 for lifetime access to the video course and workbook.

 My child has what?
This book is for you if you want to nurture your child to fulfil their potential without exams having a detrimental impact on their mental health

My child has what? OUT NOW
My child has what?' is a comprehensive guide for parents, of children aged 10-18, on how to support their children through the exam years.

The pressure of exams can be overwhelming for students and parents alike so this book provides advice and practical tips by going through the 'Organised Revision Method', From preparing for exams to dealing with stress and anxiety, this book offers a wealth of useful information from Nicole Bateman, an experienced secondary school teacher turned mentor and best-selling author and some guest experts.

The Organised Revision Method encompasses healthy boundaries, developing a calm home environment, communication (between parent and child, of feelings and between home and school) and choice. Nicole also offers 1:1 mentoring support for young people who are struggling with worries surrounding school and/or exams.

Meet the author
Nicole Bateman
Nicole Bateman is a mum of two, experienced teacher, best-selling author and founder of 'A Box Full of Joy' who  encourages and empowers young people to process their worries, know their true value and grow in confidence. Nicole is passionate about guiding a collaborative approach between parents and their children and, due to the rise in mental health issues amongst young people in recent years, Nicole provides early support. 

Through her mentoring, workshops, and products (books, card packs, journals, and feelings pads), young people will be set up for facing the future with resilience and confidence. Her specialism is in mentoring young people through school and exam stress. Her ‘Organised Revision Method’ is a proactive approach to supporting young people and parents navigate the overwhelm, stress and anxiety that exam years often bring.

She is on a mission to ensure that all young people know that their worth is not defined by those results on the exam paper.

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